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How Do I Get Bitcoin?

Easy, Play Games And Get Paid In Bitcoin

Playing simple games, no download required, play right here. At the end of each game you will recieve a prize. There is even a feature set up, so the higher the score, the higher your reward.

High Paying Faucets, You May Claim From Daily. Bitcoin(BTC), Litecoin(LTC), Dogecoin(DOGE)

There are faucets on-site for BTC,LTC,DOGE.

Current Claim Rates Are

BTC faucet claim 5-12 every 30 Mins.
DOGE faucet claim .10-.25 every 12 Mins.
LTC faucet claim 300-1200 every 20 Mins.

Bitcoin Game Faucets.

Current Claim Rates Are

Win 5-200 Satoshi every 5 Mins.

All games pay in same rates, so try different games to see which you are better at.

You Will Also Recieve A Bonus Claim, For Each 20 Claims, Or Games You Play

In the top right corner you will notice a bitcoin symbol, with numbers displayed like 20/1, This is your bonus counter, it will count down a timer, and then the number will increase 20/2, 20/3 …and so forth, until reaching 20, you will be given a bonus claim
BTC bonus faucet claim 50-500

10% Referal Commision

Each faucet and every game has a referal link you could use to gain more earnings

When Do I Get Paid?

All Payments Are Sent Instantly To Faucethub Microwallet

If you do not have an account register Here. It is free, and takes less than 5 minutes.

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